Lie Detector

Welcome to Lie Detector

Application simulates retro Lie Detector (Polygraph) with all details.
It gathers necessary data (heart rate and respiratory rate) from Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S, Gear S2 and Gear S3 pulse sensor.
By monitoring and measure sensor data from smartwach application in phone / tablet allows to detect when some lie or not :)

Application might be a good reason to have fun with friends, just:
✓ The person you want to check must wear smartwatch
✓ Start test in your smartphone and ask questions, your voice is recorded
✓ When questioned person answers, heart data fluctuation is monitored
✓ Based on that application decide if someone lie or not

Get it for from Samsung Gear Apps via Gear Manager in your Galaxy smartphone / tablet.

Lie Detector is the only one third party application in Samsung Gear Apps that is allowed to use Gear 2 and Gear S pulse sensor!

This is only a game and cannot be treated as real lie detector!

Last modified onMonday, 26 December 2016 17:14
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