Navigator Lite

Navigator Lite is Google Maps™ navigation viewer for smart watches. This app shows navigational directions that come directly from Google Maps™ android app.

How it works:

First time after installation:
• Launch Navigator Lite in phone or tablet
• Grand requested permission

Every time when you want to use navigation:
• Launch Google Maps™ in phone or tablet
• In smart watch launch Navigator Lite
• Google Maps™ directions will be shown on your smart watch
• Incoming maneuver is signaled in smart watch by vibrations and sound
• Choose the most suitable color theme from app settings

This is companion app what means that host app must be installed on your phone (from Play Store). It will be done automatically right after installation of Navigator Lite client app will be completed.
This app shows only directions, distances, maneuvers and ETA, map is not displayed on smart watch.

Works on all Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport and Galaxy S4 models and variants.

Get it for from Galaxy Apps on your mobile device or click here.

Host app can by accessed directly from Play Store here.

Navigator Lite
Turn by turn navigation
Shows directions directly from Android Google Maps™ app
Right on your wrist
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City Navigator

City Navigator is first and the only turn-by-turn city navigation app with offline maps for Gear smartwatches.

Main features:
Turn by turn navigation
• Map View, Satellite View and Street View™
• Maps from Google™ service
Offline maps (maps of the routes can be downloaded to device and kept for 30 days)
Routes are saved for offline usage
• Four route modes: public transportation, walking, bicycling, driving
Auto route recalculation when out of the route (in online mode only)
• Suggests alternative routes
Voice and text guidance
Map page with self updating map and directions
Maneuver page showing upcoming maneuver, distance left, total distance and arrival time
• Route script viewer
• Searching locations via typing, voice commands and map acquiring
• Show suggested places (POI) related to searched location
• POI details (distance, rating etc.)
• Vibra advanced notifications: different vibrations depending on maneuver type
• Battery saving mode
• Night mode
• History of places
• No additional software installed onto phone

Check map services coverage details here.

Works on all Gear S2, Gear S3 and Gear Sport models and variants.

Get it for from Galaxy Apps on your mobile device or click here.

City Navigator
Turn by turn navigation
Offline maps
Powered by Google™ services
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