Car Assistant

Car Assistant is a watch face full of gadgets useful for each motorist.

It automatically detects when you drive and offer the following functions then:

• Speed limit warning
• Exceeding driving duration warning
• Detecting somnolence
• Detecting overstrain

Car Assistant is great option for all motorist.

Works on all Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active 2, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit 2 / Fit 2 Pro models and variants.

Get it for from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

Car Assistant
Must have for all motorist
Uses all available Gear / Galaxy sensors to detect activity
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Navigation G-Maps
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Get Traveler app to find thousands of interesting places wherever you want!

Do you plan vacations? Are you looking for amazing hotel? Or maybe you have just arrived to new city and you want to find the best restaurant near you? Or cash machine? You don't know where is the closest cinema or bar? With this application, it is no longer a problem.

Traveler app offers:
• Millions of places (POI) provided by Google™
• Place details like rating, reviews, photo gallery, opening hours, map, address, phone, webpage etc.
• Show places on Google Maps™ and Google Street View™
• Finding places by category (nine main categories and almost seventy subcategories)
• Finding places at current location or defined destination
• Text & voice search
• Turn by turn navigation to desired place (only when Navigator Companion or G-Maps Pro app is installed)
• All directly on your watch (no additional apps installed onto phone)

This app is great option for all travelers.

Works on Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active 2, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3 and Gear S2 (all models and variants).

Get it for from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

Must have for all travellers
Seventy POI categories
Detailed places information
Show places on Google Maps™ & Google Street View™
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Navigator Companion

Now with Navigator Companion app you will never lost in the town because you can navigate with your Gear / Galaxy smartwatch!

With few simple steps prepare the route in your smartphone, start the navigation and you can put the phone into the pocket because now you see updated map on the screen of your smartwatch.

Main features:
• Map View + Satellite View
• Use Google™ Map services
• Traffic info on maps
• Four route modes: walking, bicycling, driving and public transportation
Auto route recalculation when out of the route
Alternative routes
Voice guidance in your language played in smartwatch
• Two display pages in smartwatch: Map page with live updated map + direction instructions and Maneuver page showing upcoming maneuver and live left distance
• Up to three waypoints
• Route script with all details available in phone
• Google™ map shown directly in smartwatch
• Searching places via typing, voice commands and map acquiring
• Autocomplete function showing tips during entering destination name
• Saving defined route to favourites
• Used locations are remembered
• Route restrictions (tolls, highways etc.)
• Vibra advanced notifications - different vibrations depending on maneuver type
• Importing GPX files
• Importing routes, POI and addresses from Android Google Maps™ app
• Battery saving mode
• Night mode

How it works?
✓ Launch application in smartphone and smartwatch.
✓ Tap on Where to go edit box. Enter the name of the location like in Google Maps™ Android app.
✓ Alternatively you can say the address (tap microphone icon) or acquire location from map (tap on map icon).
✓ If you want to add some waypaoints do it by tapping + icon in action bar.
✓ When your route is ready just click green play button on the bottom. The best route will be find and navigation will start using default mode. To change mode (driving, bicycling, walking) tap route icon in action bar. Default mode can be setup in application Settings.
✓ When the navigation is started the map is shown onto your smart watch.
✓ In smartwatch swipe left and right to switch between map view, maneuvers view and settings view. Tap + / - icons or use bezel to zoom in / out map or Street View image.

Works on all Gear and Galaxy models: Galaxy Watch 3 BT, Galaxy Watch 3 LTE, Galaxy Watch BT, Galaxy Watch LTE, Galaxy Active 2 BT, Galaxy Active 2 LTE, Galaxy Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3-BT, Gear S3-LTE/4G, Gear S2-BT, Gear S2-3G/4G, Gear S, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear 1 Tizen and Gear Fit 2/ Fit 2 Pro

Get it for from Galaxy Store on your mobile device or click here.

Navigator Companion
Must have for all travellers
Maps and services provided by Google™
Voice and text guidance in your language
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