G-Tasks Pro

G-Tasks Pro is Google™ Tasks client for Galaxy & Gear smart watches. Keep track of your tasks on your smart watch.

It fully synchronizes with your phone Google Tasks™ app, your Gmail™ tasks and G Suite™ tasks.
Creating tasks, schedules, to-do lists , plans, shopping lists, events has never been so easy.

With G-Tasks Pro you can do easily:
• creating and managing tasks, sub tasks and list of tasks (add / edit / delete)
• managing due dates, calendar and alarms
• synchronize with official Google™ Tasks apps (phone & desktop)
• work offline

This is standalone app what means that no additional software is installed on the phone.

This app may work offline: all task / sub task / task list related operations (add, edit, delete) will be processed. When device will go online, all of processed operations will be synchronized.

Before first usage it is required to login to your Google™ account. This is done once. (till manual log out)

Application manual is available here.

Application Privacy Policy is available here.

G-Tasks Pro
Manage your tasks on your smart watch
Tasks service provided by Google™
Synchronize with native Google™ Tasks app on phone and desktop
Synchronize with Gmail™ tasks
Offline mode supported
No additional software installed in phone
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