Navigation Standalone - G Maps for smartwatches [Huawei]

Navigation Standalone G-Maps is true turn-by-turn GPS navigation app optimized for HUAWEI Watch 4 & HUAWEI Watch 3.

Now you will not lost in the town because you can navigate with your smartwatch. With few simple steps prepare the route in your smartwatch, start the navigation and see updated map and maneuvers on the screen of your watch.

Main features:
• Turn by turn navigation powered by Google Maps™ services
• Map View / Satellite View
• Voice and text guidance in your language (81 languages supported)
• Four route modes: walking, bicycling, driving and motorcycle (in selected countries)
• Map view with live updated map / direction & text instructions (in your language)
• Maneuver panel showing upcoming maneuver, left distance, total distance and arrival time
• Auto route recalculation when out of the route
• Waypoints
• Route script with all details (in your language)
• List of favorite places
• Searching locations via typing, voice commands and map acquiring
• Shows suggested places (POI) related to searched location
• Suggests alternative routes
Ecodriving: suggests fuel efficient routes
Shows fuel usage (for electric cars shows fuel equivalent)
• Route restrictions (tolls, highways etc.)
• Vibra advanced notifications - different vibrations depending on maneuver type
• Beautiful map styles: dark, night, sand
• History of found places
No additional software installed onto phone

Works on all variants of Huawei Watch 4 & Huawei Watch 3

Get the app directly from AppGallery on your watch or from the phone Health app

Navigation Standalone G-Maps
3.49 EUR
Full featured GPS turn-by-turn navigation
Must have for all travellers
Maps and services provided by Google™
Voice and text guidance in your language
No additional software installed in phone

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