Watch Controller for Spotify [Huawei]

Smartwatch Controller for Spotify gives you access to your Spotify™ account directly on Huawei GT3 and GT3 Pro smartwatches.

Main features:
• View recently played songs
• View users music collection (liked songs) and created playlists
• View featured playlists
• Browse music, including: Charts, New releases, Categories
• Select playback devices
• Start / resume and pause playback on the remote device
• Skip to next and previous songs on the remote device
• Set volume on the remote device
• Set shuffle and repeat options of the playback on the remote device

Works on all variants of Huawei GT3 and GT3 Pro.

Phone app is required, available from AppGallery.

Get the watch app directly from AppGallery on your watch or Health app on the phone.

Watch Controller for Spotify / Phone app
Spotify™ on your wrist
The only Spotify client for Huawei GT3/GT3 Pro smartwatches
Control your Spotify™ from your watch

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