Crazy Voice

Crazy Voice using advanced DSP (digital signal processing) procedures and thanks to high performance of the Tizen Phone modifies your voice recorded from the microphone.

Thanks to Crazy Voice your voice will sound like the voice of old or talkative person or even devil :) You can easily mix your voice with background, add echo or even create your own, unique effect.

You can easily expand your social activity because with Crazy Voice you can enrich your messages on Facebook. You can send your recording as MMS message or E-Mail or set it as unique ringtone.

Soon available in Tizen store

Limited number of effects
No duration limits
A lot of defined sound effects

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Integration with Facebook
Custom effects editor
More defined sound effects
No duration limits
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Retro Dictaphone

Retro Dictaphone interface simulates old tape cassette recorder with all details and allows you to record voice notes using three different quality levels.

You can easily add text note and GPS position to your recording and display the location on the map. Additionally thanks to reverse geolocation feature application is able to receive address data of the place where the recording was done (city name, street etc.). Moreover, you can share the recording with your friends - thanks to support for SkyDrive serivce you can easily upload your recording and share the link by sending message to your favourite social network, or by E-Mail or SMS.

User can add text notes, GPS location what can be useful for travelers. It can help them to document the travel. Retro Dictaphone can be useful for reporters – it is very easy to combine text note with recording, and build in support for social networks and One Drive allows them to send quickly the new recording.

User can choose recording quality – more advenced users may want to record music where high quality WAV format is needed.

Recording length is only limited by storage capacity.

Limited recording length
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Unlimited recording length
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