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Virtual Makeover

Virtual Makeup Makeover is the most advanced virtual makeup application for Android devices!

Choose from thousands of accessories like lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, powder, eyes shadow, eyeliner cosmetics and many others you would like to try on.

Use your phone or tablet as a mirror and prepare amazing makeup simulation. You can enrich your makeup by choosing realistic eyelashes from rich palette. Choose your best looking hairstyle from application's hairstyles library.

To start new makeup just take a photo using camera, choose photo from gallery or choose supermodel beautiful photo from application's library and start preparing your new look. Next just use your fingers or device's pen to draw professional looking makeup. Application is smart and helps you to draw - thanks to this feature your lips contour, eye lines will be always on place, lipstick and gloss will be perfectly applied on the lips, eyeshadows will be smooth and beautiful etc. Undo, redo and eraser options are available if you want to correct you makeup.

When your new outstanding makeup is ready you can save the photo to the Gallery, or share it via social networks like facebook.

You can use this photo in the device as a wallpaper, part of the document note, edit in graphics editor etc.

Save your time - try many different makeup variants and options before real makeover. Prepare new astonishing look that you never tried out before.

All color palettes and tools reflect real cosmetics available on the market.

Internet connection is not needed - whole processing is done on your device.

Application is optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note devices, but works well on most android phones and tablets.

Access to limited number of cosmetics
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Access to all cosmetics
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